strike the right note

Once you take sound seriously — you think: How can we use it to the best effect?
— Walter Murch

corporate film

The product and its message are the central questions in making a corporate film. Sounddesign has to be on point to achieve the desired effect. Due to the relative shortness of the commercial or corporate film high precision and quality is essential.


Documentary films are creative, funny, moving or educational. A very interesting genre. Sounddesign offers a broad artistic toolbox and therefore can produce stunning results. A quality sound is key.


Fiction Film

Light-Sabers fighting, cyborgs marching and aliens screaming, this is what we love about sounddesign in fiction film. But most of all subtle sounds and moody atmosphere are what you really need to create an immersive experience. The right sounddesign supports the tone of your film and strengthens its character.


Sounddesign for your film production

No matter what kind of film you're producing – a commercial, a documentary, a fiction film or even virtual reality or 360°-video: my professional sounddesign will help you transporting your message. It helps to tell your story in a credible manner and will convince your viewer. For corporate film purposes, sounddesign can improve your project in a beneficial way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Even if you are making a documentary film with only a small crew, sounddesign can improve your result to make it feel like a big budget production. For fiction film purposes sounddesign is an absolute must, especially if you don't want to disappoint the viewing habits of your demographic. Put your trust in a reliable partner with a big business network. Your film production is worth it.


You are searching for a full film production?

Thanks to my year-long experience in the business, I'm connected with a huge network containing production companies, directors, directors of photography and vfx artists. Everything is possible: animation, commercial, branded content or documentary. Just contact me and we will find a way to make your project a reality.


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